Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's in the bag?

I normally have two yarn projects going at a time, sometimes more.  It keeps me from getting bored if it's a big project and I have two fairly big ones going on right now. 

My first bag contains the body, head and arm of a jester.  He's for the girls.  I have to work on him when the girls are asleep or Olivia runs off with the appendage-less thing to play with him.  The pattern is by the same lady who made the Dotje doll that I just realized I never posted about.  Here she is:

Barbara's angel
She was a gift for my boss

I love this woman's patterns.  Just too cute.  

My other bag contains about 1/3 of an afghan that I'm working on.  

Babette Blanket - sections 1 - 3
Babette Blanket in black and white - I have more done than this now

I am not a huge fan of granny squares.  But I like how this one uses different sizes.  The original pattern is in colors... LOTS of colors.  I loved how it looked, but I thought it would be less expensive (and yes, yarn gets expensive when you're buying 14 different colors, even the cheap stuff) I decided to just use black, white, and two shades of gray.  I used a random stripe generator to come up with what the squares would look like. I'm not as thrilled with it as I want to be.  But I intend to see it through to the end and I'll find another afghan to work on that I will love.  The girls love blankets so I'm sure if nothing else, one of them will claim it.   Well, not Zoe.  Linus is faithful to her purple fuzzy blanket.

Yesterday, I did knock out something different.  I had been meaning to make a birthday gift for a friend and coworker and kept forgetting until yesterday.  Her birthday is Friday and she's off, so I needed something quick to bring to work today.  I've been wanting to make some wrist warmers and figured if I knew anyone who would like them, she'd be the one.  The pattern was ridiculously easy and quick.  I would say if I could have sat down and worked continuously that I would have had them finished in an hour.  But I rarely have that luxury.  It still didn't take that long and it was easy enough to do it and help Olivia with her reading.

kelli's wrist warmers
They're cuter on her ;)

I love wrist warmers and fingerless gloves, but they're really not me.  Mainly because I have the hottest hands you've ever felt.  If my palms are cold, you better check to make sure I even have a pulse.

So that's what is in the bag at the moment.  I'll probably be finished with the jester before too long.  The blanket will take much longer.  I can only make so many granny squares a day before my brain shuts down.

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Amanda said...

Very cool afghan! And I like the wrist warmer idea. You are just so creative!!