Monday, January 10, 2011

Pay It Forward

If you are on facebook, you've probably seen people post the "Pay It Forward" status where you promise to send something handmade to 5 people if they do the same.  I saw it quite a few times, thinking that I really didn't have the time to do something like that.  But then I decided that doing something for someone shouldn't be something I wait to have time to do.  It should be something I make time to do.  So I posted it.  My spots filled up pretty quickly...

My brother-in-law, Lee
My cousin, Amanda
My dear, dear friend Robbie

I'm mostly listing these out because I will forget if it's not somewhere handy.  =)  And trust me, writing stuff down isn't handy for me.  Paper mysteriously disappears around here almost instantly.

I don't know Brittany and Christy extremely well, so this will take more thought than the others.  I don't want to just throw any ol' thing at them just because.  I would feel guilty.  Seriously, I would.

After thinking about it, I realized this was just up my alley.  I prefer to make things with people in mind.  When I was going to have a booth at the Flea Market, that was one of my biggest obstacles.  So this should be fun.  And who knows... maybe when I'm done with these 5, maybe I'll surprise a few people =)

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Amanda said...

LOVE IT! I'm thinking about throwing out a few surprises too. It's gonna be fun!