Thursday, January 6, 2011

My first impression...

My sister and brother-in-law recently purchased a fancy-schmancy new TV and offered their old TV to us for the girls, along with an entertainment center.  Normally, I'm opposed to multiple TVs in the house, but the girls fight over the TV and Bill fights with them over the TV, and while I couldn't care less about the TV itself, I'm tired of the fighting.  So the girls now have a TV in the playroom. 

We've had this set up in their room not even a week.  And they have lost privileges to the playroom TWICE because they will move the entertainment center... TV and all.  It's dangerous.  And kind of freaky that little girls are that strong, but that's not the point.  I think we're going to have to put the TV up on a cabinet that they can't move just for safety's sake.  

When I went to pick up the TV and entertainment center from my sister, I had not seen the entertainment center.  The moment my brother-in-law brought it out, my first thought was "wow, I could turn that into a play kitchen so easily!"  I guess I have serious craft-brain.  Hubby wanted the TV on the entertainment center, so I just forgot about my idea. 

However.... now that the TV must be moved, the entertainment center is free.  And I can make it into whatever I want =)  Mwahahaha!

entertainment center

Ignore the dirty floor.  I swear I swept in there Monday.  Can't you see it though?  The short side on the left would be the stove/oven and the taller side would be the fridge.  I'd need a few peices of wood and some hinges, some paint and a few other touches and VOILA!  A play kitchen.  Then I'd have an excuse to make some felt food and whatnot. 

Yeah, I'm kind of excited about it.  My creativity is in full gear this week, making it hard to concentrate on anything else. 

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Nikki said...

Great idea.

Ikea has fake felt food that's cheap and way cuter than I'd make...