Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

I work outside of the home.  It's necessary for us, unfortunately.  Lately I have had some serious burn-out at my job.  Any reasonable reason to take off, I'm most likely going to take off.  I just had an entire week of vacation the last week of December, and I'm already wanting more.  So I was super excited when it snowed last night and I got to stay home today =)

You know what that means?

Snow Day
Wet, soggy clothes

Snow Day
And big, huge smiles =)

Snow Day
Dodos don't like the cold

Snow Day
But everyone likes teeny tiny snowmen =)

Yesterday I was thinking about Valentine's Day.  And I had this idea for a hat pop into my head.  I'm unable to concentrate on much of anything when I get an idea until it's actually made, so last night and today I worked on making my Sweetheart Cinch hat.
Sweetheart cinch hat
Doesn't she look like a piece of candy?  I could eat her up.

We have Hugs and Kisses on the side

Sweetheart cinch hat
Good thing the picture quality kind of sucks or you might ask me what all the purple is on her eyes

And pretty dangling hearts
Sweetheart cinch hat
I really need to start using my good camera for this.

And now that the hat has been born, I can go find something else to distract me from house cleaning or other "productive" stuff.  

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Staceyrie said...

you have the perfect, most beautiful models!