Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm so proud!

I have been crocheting hats.  Hats, hats, hats.  I love cute hats.  I want to make a blanket soon, but I keep finding or coming up with hats.  No matter that it's 105* and that even in the winter, it's rarely cold enough for me to insist on putting hats on the kids.  They're cute, they keep me amused, and that's all that matters =)

I made a  Cookie Monster hat and an Oscar the Grouch hat (sorry, no good pics yet...).  When we were at the store buying yarn, my oldest picked up some fuchsia yarn and said "Mom!  You can make me an Abby Cadabby hat!"  That's great and all, but I didn't have a pattern for one.

So I had to wing it.

Duh, duh, duh....

Wanna see it?  (if not, you better move on, 'cause here it comes....)

so stinking cute!

It's mine!  All mine!  No pattern whatsoever!  Not too shabby for someone who has only been crocheting a little over a month.  (Yeah, I'm tooting my own horn.  I can't help it!)

I'm going to sell it in my zibbet shop.  Not this particular one, a custom-made one.  My daughter would be so mad at me for selling her Abby.

I'm even more excited about my next hat.  Also my own design.  I just need to go get some more white yarn.  It's going to be so awesome (probably only to me, but that's OK).