Sunday, August 15, 2010


My sister gave me a book of knitting patterns last week, not realizing that I crochet instead of knit.  They are really neat patterns though, so I decided I should give knitting another go.  I've tried before and couldn't get into it.  My mom gave me several sets of needles a while back when I asked her if she had any crochet hooks, so I let the girls pick what they wanted me to make and bought some yarn.  Of course, they picked probably the biggest pattern in the book... a mermaid costume consisting of a tank top and long skirt with a tail. 

I started working on it yesterday.  Every time I'd get a few rows done, for some dumb reason I'd set it aside to do something and Zoe would pull the needles out of my work.  It's 99 stitches long.  SO frustrating.  But I'd rip it out every time, because I knew there were little mistakes along the way and figured I might as well try again.  At the time I was doing a 2 needle cast-on and it was hell.  I kept thinking I had never used 2 needles to cast on before, so I googled and refreshed my memory on 1 needle casting on.  So much easier and faster. 

I got about 1/3 of the way through the top last night and made it about half-way today when I set it aside and went to switch out laundry.  I heard the sound of needles clacking together and my stomach flipped.  I ran to the living room to see Izzy with 2 empty needles in her hand.  I wanted to scream.  We're talking 40 rows of work.  I managed to get it all back on the needles though with only a few stitches lost.  Thank goodness.  I must remember to not leave it out no matter how long I plan on being away from it.  It's not so bad with crocheting.  If they take the hook out, I might loose a few stitches.  Knitting is a whole other ball game.

Here is what I have done so far:

I love this butterfly pattern going on and I think it's what is keeping me interested in it.  Every 10 rows I get to see these butterflies emerge and it's so neat to me.  =)  It's supposed to look like scales.  I can't wait to get the top finished and try it on one of the girls.  I'm trying not to think about the fact that they've placed an order for THREE of these beasts.  At least they'd have Halloween costumes ready...

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