Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nothing much going on...

I really don't have much to report right now.  I'm working on knitting a mermaid costume for the girls from Vickie Howell's book New Knits on the Block.  The top is done and I'm making good progress on the skirt.  I really want to finish this before getting into much of anything else.  That plus I'll have two more to make.  :::sigh:::

I said "much of anything else" because I do have to sneak in a quick project later this week.  Izzy has been invited to a birthday party for a little boy in her class this Saturday.  I think I'm going to get some felt and some Hot Wheels and make a little travel play mat/carrying case for the cars.  I saw something similar online once and it's not exactly what I want, so I'm going to revise it heavily. 

I need to start planning out Christmas presents soon, also.  It might be 4 months away, but if I plan on making stuff, I'll need every bit of that to complete them.  I just hope I don't make someone something and then realize last minute there's something even better I have to make instead.  I do that.  It's why I can't shop early... I always change my mind last minute and get them something else. 

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