Friday, August 20, 2010

They're not lunch bags anymore

I only made 2 of the lunch bags, instead of my plan of 3.  Let me explain why...

One of my friends was packing up her house to move and decided to give me her daughter's old lunch boxes (because she's in high school now and will never use them again) that were still in good shape.  She thought I could put them up and use them as back up in case someone left their lunch bag at school (which actually happened - first day, even) or they needed to be washed.


One look at the lunch boxes and my kids were in love.  Olivia's words were, "I'm so glad you didn't make me a lunch box so I could use this one."  Well, I had and I had showed it to her, but Lisa Frank's crazy colors apparently scrambled her memory.  Oh well.  They're better insulated and probably would keep their yogurt and drinks cooler.

I didn't even bother with the 3rd bag after that....

So what to do with 2 rejected lunch bags?

They just so happen to be the perfect size to hold a pair of tap shoes and a pair of ballet slippers.  =)  I had to take their dance backpack (which they shared) to use as Zoe's Mother's Day Out backpack and when I went to get their dance shoes yesterday, they happened to be on the same shelf with the bags and I thought, "why not?"  I put the shoes in there, the girls each had a bag (Olivia doesn't dance anymore), and they worked perfectly.

So it wasn't a total waste of time after all.  =)

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