Friday, July 2, 2010

July Organization

I'm such a big dork. I just realized I had comments on a few posts and I got all giddy.

I can't believe it's July. I am still planning on getting a booth at The Memphis Flea Market, but I really don't see it happening next weekend. I just don't have enough stuff made up.

So, let me organize my brain here...
  • Refashion dark gray striped shirt
  • Refashion light gray striped shirt
  • Apron for me (I have some fat quarters that would be good for this) - Partially made. I need more fabric and bias tape. Not extremely happy with it, but I had to try it.
  • Aprons for the girls (I think I'll let them pick out the fabric and they'll be pretty simple)
  • Re-refashion the Goodwill dress
  • Refashion other Goodwill dress
  • Work on lengthening some of Izzy's pants
  • Make a pair of scrubs (I really want to try this)
  • Super hero capes for the twin birthday boys Done
  • Father's Day presents Done
  • Barbie Organizer Started, but on hold.
  • Clutch from Noodlehead's tutorial I've actually made several of these =)
  • Present for sister One of the clutches. And the other sister got the cutest necklace I made for her birthday.
And adding:

  • Noodlehead bike basket for Olivia
  • Crocheted leg warmers for the girls (Izzy's has been started)
  • Corset top for Tammy (she's paying me so this is high priority LOL)
  • Something for ME
Of course, work on some of this stuff will be slow... that's the one thing about having a booth to plan for. I like to do so many different things and I'm trying to focus on just a few for this booth. I don't get to work on other projects and learn other things.

I have completed other things that I need to post about. My sister's necklace, a cute little bandana outfit, a bag I made from an old tshirt... just a few things I've managed to sneak in there.

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Nikki said...

I've subscribed to your blog. :)

Am enjoying your craftiness!