Monday, July 26, 2010

Mixed Media =)

I have been crocheting a lot lately and neglecting my poor little sewing machine.  I need to get some really good pictures of the hats I've made, but my models aren't extremely cooperative lately.  I can get them outside to take the picture, but once outside they could care less about what I want.

I was thinking as I was finishing up the latest hat about a tutorial I saw somewhere (Prudent Baby, maybe?) where they made a crocheted collar for a little shirt.  I didn't really like the exact shirt they made, but the idea got me thinking and I decided to experiment.  I wanted to make a dress - the top crocheted.  I found some fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby last week and didn't have any real plans for it yet, so I found some soft baby yarn that would go with it and I crocheted up the top, just winging it.  It's simple, just rows of double crochet, but I liked the effect - the edges were a little scalloped and it has a bit of a herringbone texture to it.  I made it so it buttons up in the back and the straps are adjustable.  Then I just whipped up a simple skirt and sewed the two together.

I really can't wait to get it on one of the girls to see how it looks on them.

Sewing yarn was trickier than I thought - it didn't feed all that smoothly and it stretched a bit, but it worked out just fine.  I think I might try it again, try a different or more elaborate design for the crochet, experiment with different fabrics.

I discovered a line of fabric named "Isabelle" last night and had to order a little bit of one of the designs.  I've found Isabelle fabric and Olivia (not the pig, although there is that, too) fabric, so now I need someone to design some Zoe fabric.  That would just be perfect.  I also ordered Laura Gunn's Climbing Lantern Pods in lime - I've had my eye on the design in turquoise for about a month, debating on ordering it.  Then I saw it in lime and fell in love.  It's going to make a GORGEOUS dress, I just can't wait =)

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