Saturday, June 26, 2010


When I was growing up, my mom used to knit and crochet a bit. She tried to teach me, but I was never very good at either. I could do the basic knit stitch and that's it. You can't make much of anything interesting with just the knit stitch. And crocheting... well, I could never make it past the first row no matter how many times she showed me.

I tried not to long ago to pick up knitting again. I love sewing, but I can't do that with the girls awake because they have to be up in the middle of things and Izzy isn't allowed near scissors due to the fact that she aspires to be a world-class hair dresser one day. So I thought knitting would be a good thing to do while they were playing or watching TV. Problem is, I have no real concentration for things like that. I can't keep up with counting how many purls I have done and whatnot. So I'm not a knitter.

A month or so ago, a friend of mine asked me if I could teach her to crochet. She wanted something to keep her occupied at night when her girlfriend works. I told her I couldn't, but that I noticed that once a month the library has a free crochet class and that I would go with her. Her girlfriend offered to keep the girls, and today we took our brand new crochet hooks and yarn to the library to be schooled in the art of crochet.

We were the only ones there. I kind of figured as much. It's kind of sad to me how the art of making things by hand is so rare now.

Needless to say, we got lots of attention. Well, my friend did. I caught on super fast. The teacher said it must be because I'm just a crafty person by nature. I zipped through the second row onto my third row without a problem. Maybe my mom just didn't show me how I needed to see it. It's possible- she is left-handed and I'm not. We only learned single crochet, but she did kind of show us half-double and double crochet and I picked up double crochet from that without a problem. When I got home, I looked up a few videos and now I can single crochet, half-double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet! I've practiced most of the evening and I think I have it down pretty well.

Now I just need a project. The teacher suggested potholders or washcloths, but I want something a tad more complicated. I know I should start simple, but I'm just crazy like that. I really want to make a hat. In the round. But I won't start with that, I'm not that crazy. =) So off I go to find something...

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