Monday, April 26, 2010

Izzy's Birthday Suit ;)

About a week ago, I ran across pictures of some Disney-inspired outfits that someone had made. They were beautiful. One was inspired by Tinkerbell, and it got me thinking... Izzy loves Tinkerbell, she has a birthday coming up (it's actually today), and she loves anything I make for her. So I decided to design my own Tinkerbell-inspired outfit for her. It's a much more literal translation than the outfit I saw before, but it's not too costume-y (I don't think so anyway).

Look at her little pot-belly full of birthday cupcakes =) She's usually not so rotund in the tummy area.

Now, the shorts are too low-waisted. I seem to have this problem when I make pants/shorts. I think I'm allowing enough for the waistband, but I never do. It's really where her pants normally sit... she's got a super long torso, but I'd like the shorts to at least meet the bottom of the smocked panel. If they ride down, they ride down... but I at least tried. So I will need to work on that sometime this week. And I might take out the smocked panel and put a slightly bigger one in... she's also very broad-shouldered and it was kind of snug going on. (Not to mention the cupcake tummy) Overall, I'm very happy with it. Very impressed with myself.

She thought it was an excellent birthday present and can't wait to wear it to her party. She'll be the (Tinker)belle of the ball!

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