Thursday, April 29, 2010

Being crafty

My 4 year old has a birthday party on Saturday. I tried once before to throw an actual birthday party for my oldest when she turned 3 (not one single kid showed up), and it's taken me 2 1/2 years to attempt it again. The plan was to go to the park, but the forecast is calling for thunderstorms all day (90% chance - not even worth arguing with) so we've had to move it to the house. I was really not happy about it at first. I don't like company... I'm just antisocial that way. The party was perfect in my head at the park - the kids could play, blow bubbles, we could grill some hot dogs. Now we'll be in my cramped house and the rain will prevent any grilling and we don't blow bubbles in the house (bubbles on the vinyl flooring would make for someone breaking a hip).

But I've come around. I found a link to a blog yesterday where they had a party and set up a photo booth. They put up some sheets, put the camera on a tripod and had a remote. People would just go in and snap pictures of themselves with props and being silly. It looked like so much fun. I really couldn't figure out how to make that work outside at the park, so I put it out of my head. Until this morning when I realized if we have the party at home, I can have my photo booth! I'm super stoked. I don't have a remote, but they're cheap and I'll pick one up tomorrow. I cut out some mustaches and beards and lips to use as props. It's going to be totally cool.

We can still do the other activities I had planned, too. I'm not into party games, so I decided we'd get crafty. I got some foam sheets and cut out crown shapes and the kids will get to decorate their crowns with foam stickers. These will replace party hats. Then I got some coffee filters and dyed them with food coloring to make butterflies with. I even soaked some in coffee so they'd be brownish for the boys (so they can make moths, because butterflies might seem too girly to them).

Now I'm just hoping we actually have guests with the ugly weather. Either way, we'll make sure we have fun. Even if it's just a party with family. I'll definitely post pictures and links to the blogs where I got all my ideas.

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