Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello Old Friend

I haven't sewn in quite a while... until tonight. I want to get some good pictures of the girls on Friday to use for Christmas cards and I am just bored with their clothes. The budget just doesn't allow me to go clothes shopping any old time I want, so I brainstormed for a while over what I could make. I have plenty of fabric in my stash, but not quite enough of anything for a whole dress. Then I found some white tshirts on clearance for $2 the other day and decided to build on that. I did some blog browsing and found this tutorial. Perfect. I had to make some adjustments for the older two, but it wasn't rocket science.

So I unearthed my buddy from underneath the junk on my sewing table and got to work. This is Zoe's.  I want to check out how it looks on her before sewing up the other two.  I don't absolutely love sewing ruffles.  I will make some headbands to go with them.  And they'll be just too cute =)

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