Saturday, July 31, 2010


I mentioned before that I had found some fabric in a line named "Isabelle" and , of course, had to buy some for MY Isabelle.  I only had 1/2 a yard and I racked my brain for something to do that was not  pillowcase/bandana style or a corset.  Then a tutorial popped up yesterday for an adorable top, and I decided it was perfect.  It's by Sew Totally Smitten.

And here is my version of her Cinderella top:

Pretend the pants match, she was really excited and wouldn't wait for me to find other pants - it was this or underwear for her =)
I love it =)  I made a couple of mistakes when I enlarged the pattern a bit, totally my fault and the result of me trying to think at 9pm at night.  It used every bit of my 1/2 yard - I seriously only had little scraps left over.  I am definitely going to make another one, making it a dress, I think.  I had never tried pleats before and they were kinda fun =)  A little bit more work than gathering up ruffles, but easier and neater to sew onto the garment. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

That's not what I wanted...

I checked the mail today to find a package waiting for me.  Excitement!  I was waiting on my gorgeous Laura Gunn fabric, so I ripped into it and -

Wait a minute, this looks funny

Well, it's a Laura Gunn print, but not the one I ordered.  Bummer.  I've sent the etsy seller a message, haven't heard back yet.  I don't hate the print I ended up with and if she offers to let me keep it, I'd certainly use it, but I definitely want the right fabric.

I don't seem to have the best track record with etsy sellers.  Out of 5 purchases, 2 have had problems.  I bought some crochet patterns and it took me a week to get them emailed to me, and only after I reported the problem to etsy.  The seller offered me a free pattern for my trouble, but that mysteriously never arrived - and it wasn't worth the trouble of dealing with it to try to get it.  I hope this is my last issue with a seller and I hope it's resolved better than the last problem.  I understand human beings make mistakes and I'm not upset about it, and won't be if it all turns out for the best.  Good thing I have other things to work on and that I hadn't come up with a definite plan for the fabric yet, or I'd be chomping at the bit ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mad Dash

Olivia and Isabelle are going to a dance day camp this week - at least 3 days this week, anyway.  Tomorrow is the last day, and they have a fashion show.  I had assumed the director had dress up clothes or something for them to wear, but the note she sent home today said we were to bring something for them to wear.  Honestly, my kids don't have much in the way of fancy or dress up clothes.  I have made them pretty practical clothes to wear and we hardly ever go anywhere that anything nicer is needed.  And, of course, if my kids are going to be in a fashion show, they MUST wear something that I made.  I mean, come on.  It may be the only time my creations are ever on a runway.  =)

I racked my brain all afternoon, taking a mental inventory of what they had.  I debated on Easter dresses, but I was never in love with those.  I remembered this cute little outfit I whipped up for Isabelle last month:

Too cute =)  And I figured it was pretty much perfect for the fashion show.  It took me a while to find it - it was buried in a hamper under a comforter (along with a bunch of other missing laundry), so I've washed it up and need to iron it.  Ick - I hate ironing if it's not a part of sewing.

I couldn't think of anything else, so I decided to make something.  I have a ton of bandanas and I decided to experiment with making a corset dress out of a white bandana and some black fabric I had.  No picture yet, because corsets don't look right unless something is filling them out.  It only took me about an hour from start to finish.  I hope it is cute on her, but we'll have to wait until the morning to see.  I probably should come up with some back up outfit just in case.  And shoes for them to wear.  We have a billion shoes, but never anything that goes with anything - how is that?

Oh, and I got a picture of Zoe in the crocheted dress:

She's such a cute little nut.  The dress is cute, but the crocheted part stretches more than I thought it would - especially the straps.  Maybe when I wash it, it will shrink a bit

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mixed Media =)

I have been crocheting a lot lately and neglecting my poor little sewing machine.  I need to get some really good pictures of the hats I've made, but my models aren't extremely cooperative lately.  I can get them outside to take the picture, but once outside they could care less about what I want.

I was thinking as I was finishing up the latest hat about a tutorial I saw somewhere (Prudent Baby, maybe?) where they made a crocheted collar for a little shirt.  I didn't really like the exact shirt they made, but the idea got me thinking and I decided to experiment.  I wanted to make a dress - the top crocheted.  I found some fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby last week and didn't have any real plans for it yet, so I found some soft baby yarn that would go with it and I crocheted up the top, just winging it.  It's simple, just rows of double crochet, but I liked the effect - the edges were a little scalloped and it has a bit of a herringbone texture to it.  I made it so it buttons up in the back and the straps are adjustable.  Then I just whipped up a simple skirt and sewed the two together.

I really can't wait to get it on one of the girls to see how it looks on them.

Sewing yarn was trickier than I thought - it didn't feed all that smoothly and it stretched a bit, but it worked out just fine.  I think I might try it again, try a different or more elaborate design for the crochet, experiment with different fabrics.

I discovered a line of fabric named "Isabelle" last night and had to order a little bit of one of the designs.  I've found Isabelle fabric and Olivia (not the pig, although there is that, too) fabric, so now I need someone to design some Zoe fabric.  That would just be perfect.  I also ordered Laura Gunn's Climbing Lantern Pods in lime - I've had my eye on the design in turquoise for about a month, debating on ordering it.  Then I saw it in lime and fell in love.  It's going to make a GORGEOUS dress, I just can't wait =)

Friday, July 2, 2010

July Organization

I'm such a big dork. I just realized I had comments on a few posts and I got all giddy.

I can't believe it's July. I am still planning on getting a booth at The Memphis Flea Market, but I really don't see it happening next weekend. I just don't have enough stuff made up.

So, let me organize my brain here...
  • Refashion dark gray striped shirt
  • Refashion light gray striped shirt
  • Apron for me (I have some fat quarters that would be good for this) - Partially made. I need more fabric and bias tape. Not extremely happy with it, but I had to try it.
  • Aprons for the girls (I think I'll let them pick out the fabric and they'll be pretty simple)
  • Re-refashion the Goodwill dress
  • Refashion other Goodwill dress
  • Work on lengthening some of Izzy's pants
  • Make a pair of scrubs (I really want to try this)
  • Super hero capes for the twin birthday boys Done
  • Father's Day presents Done
  • Barbie Organizer Started, but on hold.
  • Clutch from Noodlehead's tutorial I've actually made several of these =)
  • Present for sister One of the clutches. And the other sister got the cutest necklace I made for her birthday.
And adding:

  • Noodlehead bike basket for Olivia
  • Crocheted leg warmers for the girls (Izzy's has been started)
  • Corset top for Tammy (she's paying me so this is high priority LOL)
  • Something for ME
Of course, work on some of this stuff will be slow... that's the one thing about having a booth to plan for. I like to do so many different things and I'm trying to focus on just a few for this booth. I don't get to work on other projects and learn other things.

I have completed other things that I need to post about. My sister's necklace, a cute little bandana outfit, a bag I made from an old tshirt... just a few things I've managed to sneak in there.