Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Organization

I have a lot on tap for this month, so I need to get my thoughts organized before I just go nutty.
  • Corset top for best friend - Finished, but I haven't seen her to give it to her or get pictures.
  • Corset top or dress for best friend's daughter - may need fabric for this - I was going to refashion my old bridesmaid's dress for this, but it would look really trashy as a corset dress (teal crushed velvet)... still debating
  • Sundresses for my 2 nieces - Finished
  • A freezer paper stenciled tshirt for my nephew (because I don't know what else to make a boy) - Finished... actually a bleach designed shirt and I think I like that better =)
  • Refashion dark gray striped shirt
  • Refashion light gray striped shirt
  • Apron for me (I have some fat quarters that would be good for this) - Partially made. I need more fabric and bias tape. Not extremely happy with it, but I had to try it.
  • Aprons for the girls (I think I'll let them pick out the fabric and they'll be pretty simple)
  • Re-refashion the Goodwill dress
  • Refashion other Goodwill dress
  • Work on lengthening some of Izzy's pants
  • Make a pair of scrubs (I really want to try this)
  • Organize fabric stash
And adding (which will probably be done before the rest of the list up there:

  • Super hero capes for the twin birthday boys
  • Father's Day presents
  • Barbie Organizer
  • Clutch from Noodlehead's tutorial
  • Present for sister

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Anna said...

wow, ambitious list, looks about ambitious as mine though. :) I like your about me, I feel like and overwhelmed soul now too!