Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Organization

I need to get my brain straight again. Time to pull out the old list and see what I've accomplished and what I've added in my head.

  • The other Little Artist Portfolio - needs to be done by next Saturday Finished
  • Corset top for best friend - I have the fabric for this
  • Corset top or dress for best friend's daughter - may need fabric for this - I was going to refashion my old bridesmaid's dress for this, but it would look really trashy as a corset dress (teal crushed velvet)
  • Sundresses for my 2 nieces (should get this done before summer is over LOL) One finished, the other one I just finished cutting out the pieces for
  • A freezer paper stenciled tshirt for my nephew (because I don't know what else to make a boy)
  • Refashion dark gray striped shirt
  • Refashion light gray striped shirt
And adding:
  • Apron for me (I have some fat quarters that would be good for this)
  • Aprons for the girls (I think I'll let them pick out the fabric and they'll be pretty simple)
  • Re-refashion the Goodwill dress
  • Refashion other Goodwill dress
  • Work on lengthening some of Izzy's pants
  • Make a pair of scrubs (I really want to try this)
  • Organize fabric stash
I definitely added more than I subtracted, huh?

Other than the birthday party (which I still need to post pictures about), I made pillows for my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law for Mother's Day. I'll get that posted too. Last week was just brutal, trying to knock out the pillows (my first attempt at applique) and I had a terribly stress-induced problem with my neck and shoulder that had me in some pain. I made myself take a little break this week, but I broke down and cut out the fabric for my other niece's dress tonight. I hope to finish it by this weekend. Then I need to get to work on the corset top for my best friend.

As for lengthening my super-tall child's pants... I almost hate to do this because her younger sister has awfully short little legs and they'll be too long for her when it's her turn to wear them. But Isabelle is too skinny to move up a size, but she always has a couple of inches of ankle showing, so something has to be done. If she would wear shorts, I'd cut them off. But she isn't a huge fan of shorts. She quite often wears pants under her dresses. She's an odd little duck. One of the things I totally love about her =)